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As an animal lover, I have had my fair share of animal friends. I shop at various pet stores, but none have ever treated me so bad like Ricks Fish and Pet store in Frederick, Maryland.

I go into Ricks to purchase Cichlids for my 20 gallon tall tank, and they tell me that this tank is too small and that they could not sell me any fish because of this tank size. So when I am about to leave I notice that they had a foot long fish in a 10 gallon tank, Coincidence?

No just true animal cruelty.

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Brunswick, Maryland, United States #742769

The display tanks aren't 10 gallons, first off. They're also connected to a large, heavy duty filtration system and multiple sumps, which effectively increase the quantity of water being filtered through the system.

Unless you have a similar system at home, its really not comparable.

Would you rather they sell you the fish anyways just to make a sale?

Then you'd just be back complaining when the fish is sick and stressed from overcrowding, or trying to return it to the store when it outgrows your 20gal. I think its pretty responsible and quite respectable that they'll miss out on a potential sale in favor of the health and welfare of the animals they sell.

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